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There is no plagarism at all. The biography in question was entirely rewritten on Wednesday, Sept 8 and modified slightly on Thursday, Sept 9.

That the poster should need to wait an entire week to allow the "system" to automatically delete the entry before open to a revision is wasteful of time and energy.

The wikipedia staff should compare the source and the last posting and RETURN THE POSTING!!!!! Contact me:


The last edit was made on Sept. so I am not aware of a Sept8/9 version. As noted on the page, new versions should be posted at the /Temp page so we can purge the copyrighted text from the page history. Requests to do otherwise should be made at wikipedia:copyright problems where this article is listed. --Jiang 18:11, 7 Sep 2004 (UTC)

Oops. I was looking at the August page of my calendar and confused the actual dates. But I have now, indeed, posted correctly the REVISED copy to the Temp page. Now, please purge the problem page and let us get on to other matters.

Thank you.