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Coordinates: 53°06′N 5°50′E / 53.10°N 5.83°E / 53.10; 5.83
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St Peter's Church
St Peter's Church
Flag of Grou
Coat of arms of Grou
Location in the former Boarnsterhim municipality
Location in the former Boarnsterhim municipality
Grou is located in Friesland
Location in the Netherlands
Grou is located in Netherlands
Grou (Netherlands)
Coordinates: 53°06′N 5°50′E / 53.10°N 5.83°E / 53.10; 5.83
CountryNetherlands Netherlands
ProvinceFriesland Friesland
MunicipalityLeeuwarden Leeuwarden
 • Total5,655
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Telephone area0566

Grou (Dutch: Grouw[1]) is a town in the province Friesland of the Netherlands and had around 5655 citizens in January 2017.[2] Since 2014 Grou is part of the municipality of Leeuwarden.

The town is located on the Pikmeer [fy] lake and the Prinses Margrietkanaal [fy]. Heineken operated a distribution centre for Friesland in Grou for 25 years until 2004.[3]

It used to be the capital of the municipality of Idaarderadeel [fy] before the reorganization of municipalities in 1984, and capital of the municipality of Boarnsterhim until 2014.

While the rest of the Netherlands celebrates Sinterklaas (Saint Nicholas) on December 5, Grou instead celebrates a unique local variation of this children's holiday known as Sint-Piter [fy] on February 21. In local lore Sint Piter is a distinct character separate from Saint Nicholas, and was historically known as the patron saint for local fishermen.[4]

A nickname for the town is Tsiisferdûnsers, meaning cheese dancers, from a story where a fiddler was paid with cheese at a village dance.[citation needed]


A32 underpass of the Prinses Margriet Kanaal

The town is located at an exit on the A32 motorway. There is a ferry across the canal called Veerpont de Burd that connects the de Burd island. The Grou-Jirnsum railway station is on the Staatslijn A (Arnhem - Leeuwarden) line.


map of Grou
1954 1959 1964 1969 1973 1990 1999
3453 3522 3880 4129 4600 5316 5472
2002 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
5731 5916 5875 5769 5737 5673 5634

Notable births[edit]


An artificial ice rink (Glice) invented by Eric Sinnema was opened for public use in 2007.[5]


Notable buildings[edit]


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