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Lohne may refer to:


  • Jon Espen Lohne (born 1964), a Norwegian businessperson in the media sector



  • Lohne, Germany, a town in the Vechta district in the western part of Lower Saxony
  • Lohne, a large part of the town of Wietmarschen in Grafschaft Bentheim county in the western part of Lower Saxony
  • Gartenstadt Lohne, a part of the municipality of Isernhagen in the Hanover district in the southern part of Lower Saxony
  • Löhne, a town in the Herford district in the northeastern part of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia
  • Lohne (river), a river in the state of Lower Saxony


  • Lohne, a small village in the municipality of Søgne in Vest-Agder county